Machine Weft

Our Indian hair weaves made by 100% Virgin Indian unprocessed raw Remy human hair. This Indian hair weave double weft and sealed with transparent glue to make sure its very strong to stop shedding, We ensure that the virgin Indian hair retains its natural texture and is soft. The weft extensions are made to be durable and strong. We use the most harmless method to create our weft virgin Remy hair bundles. The West Premium are created using the most modern technologies and highly skilled people. This ensures that your 100% Virgin Indian Remy hair extension is both shedding-free and tangle-free. Each of the wefts is created with personal attention and care for your benefit. As wholesale distributors for Machine Weft Virgin Indian hair weaves, you can get the best quality hair weave at the most affordable prices from us.

Machine weft also known as weaving hair and weaves Indian virgin hair extensions this hair collected from Indian temples shaved from single donors head our Indian virgin weave hairs are appreciated by many customers and highly recommended as premium special single drawn hair extensions which is top to bottom 85% same length and 15% Natural lengths 100% raw Indian virgin hair collected from E-auction conducted by temples every month our company also participate and collect the raw Indian virgin hair directly from Indian temples In our production house this hair goes for shorting, heckling, and raw hair washing before making weft extensions by our expert skill employees each weft extensions made with modern technology three head swing machine and double wafted to ensure shedding free this weave track sealed with imported transparent glue after complete procedure of wafting this weave bundle  goes to lice and gray hair removing by hands so customer get 100% lice free and nit free hair extensions to ensure quality of hair extensions.

our weave hair bundles goes to high temperature boiled water washing 3 times this result 100% for tangle-free Indian virgin hair extensions raw Indian virgin human weaving hair bundles served in original natural conditions without any harsh chemicals or silicones applied our hair extensions comes with 100% natural shiny and natural textures if there is dry end we trim those hair extensions so customers get healthy hair ends and beards are cut to 0.6cm this way customers do not feel itching issue after installations of hair extensions Each of the hair extensions is made with almost personal attention and to care for your benefit. As wholesale weaving virgin Indian hair weaves suppliers you can get high premium quality hair weave at the most affordable wholesale prices from us.

Buy Raw Indian virgin hair at real wholesale hair weave price

SGI HAIR manufacturer of premium raw Indian virgin unprocessed wholesale hair weaves and export to around 35 country this hair bundles wholesale to USA ,UK,EUROPE AND AFRICAN Wholesalers and brand owners many customers get scams online as its not easy to trust hair vendors there are few tips we like to share to protract your money from scam vendors Always transfer payment using PayPal or bank so you have prof of payment receipts say no to western union and money grams Raw Indian virgin hair is not cheaper anymore so customers should understand if price is cheaper means they may getting low grade quality hair but labelled as premium raw Indian virgin hair or your going to face scam vendor

How to check Quality raw indian virgin hair

Hair market always has different grade option for Indian virgin hair its not easy to find the best quality hair extensions we are sharing you some tips where you can know the pure raw Indian virgin hair should not have any chemicals processing that means no dying ,no perming and no relaxers anything outside of water and processing chemical processed hair.

TEST NO 1 - weave hair bundles using shampoo if shampoo foam coming out from the bundles turns pink means its chemical process. Raw Indian virgin hair extensions that is not been chemicals processed must have the cuticles present.

TEST NO 2 - To feel for hair cuticles run your fingers up and down the hair shelf should feel smooth of hair toward going downwards direction of hair and feel resistance as you move your fingers in the opposite direction.

100% Raw Indian Remy Human Hair100% Raw Indian Remy Human Hair