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There are basically different types of hair extensions like tape-ins, clip-ins, weaves, fusion, pre-bonded, etc. there are so many types of styles among the hair extensions it could able to get an amazing thing when you are using the hair extensions for the first time. Though the luxury hair extensions are basically raw Indian hair, they are not limited to this particular type. We are all breaking down the various types of extensions in order to help and clear up some kind of confusion.

The difference between real human hair extension and synthetic hair extension

Before knowing the various types of hair extension application methods, one of the first things to know about the hair extensions is about how they are in human hair extension and the synthetic hair extension. Thus, know the difference between both.

The human hair

The human hair extensions are natural and they are the ones like how they sound. These human hairs are made with real human hair. Some companies like wholesale raw Indian hair will be collecting the hairs from the donors and later made as a hair extension where people can buy it. Remy's hair refers to all the cuticles i.e. the outer layer of the hair is intact and runs in the same direction while collecting. Almost all the raw Indian temple hair vendors will be selling the human hair particularly women who are giving their hair for the temple.

The synthetic hair

The synthetic hair is made with various blended fibers, different types of synthetic and it also contains no human hair. These are the fibers are normally fine, and the plastic fibers which are manufactures for imitating the real human hair. If you prefer to buy 100 percent human hair you can get it from human hair vendors

The clip-in hair extensions

The clip-in hair weft is also called as the clip in hair extension, it comes in the strand of the contoured pieces, and these are attached at the base with the silicone or the fabric. The clips are being attached with its base and can able to use it instantly. One must just need to clip the pieces with their natural hair by themselves. Some best raw Indian hair vendors could sell the clip-in hair extensions with 100 percent human hair.

The wigs and hairpieces

The wigs and the hairpieces come in various styles and these are applied with their hair topically. The long and full wigs will help you to cover the whole head. This will also add the wigs which are known as the lace fronts or the netting these are the only methods about how these wigs are being made.  If you want the best hair extension with the fewer prices you can get it from any wholesale virgin hair manufacturers. 

The hairpieces

The hairpieces are a bit different and they are most often comes in the bun shape, hair tie, or the ponytail so that one can just place it on the top of their hair. The hairpieces can also be used in some specific areas on a person’s age.


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