What is Lace Closure?

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Lace Closures are a reasonably well-liked item for ladies who care about their hair. The flexibility and versatility of closures makes them applicable for just about all types of hair, whether or not natural, scanty, and permed or the less thrilling receding hairline.

Lace closures are unique hairpieces during which every hair strands are  tied onto a piece of lace. The laces are either beige or dark brown.

Lace closures are applied by sewing down the sides and back then gluing it at the hairline or depending on the ability level of the stylist it can be sewn at the hairline. 19th of the closures during this album are sewn fully at the hairline and no glue was wont to apply. Closure allow race parting which suggests it is parted and styled in any matter


Why Use Lace Closure?         

With a lace closure in place, all the hair is plaited beneath the gorgeous weave or wig and thus the hair are safe from breakage and different damage.

The lace used on the closures is incredibly skinny and same color because the scalp and hence it's natural. no one are able to tell that you simply are wearing a wig or weave.

For a more natural look, you'll be able to favor to bleach the area wherever the parting is so the knots attaching the hair to the lace are not visible.


Most laces closures are wide enough to allow diverse parting styles. you'll be able to play around with it but you wish.

How much could be a Lace Closure?

The good news is our pricing for hair closures are constant for every hairstyle. the worth varies by the length which is the common pricing factor.


Where to buy hair closures?

You can purchase closures directly from online at sgihair.com. We know you can’t wait long for your purchase so we offer same day shipping Details 5- 7 days.


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