Top 4 ways to make your curly clip in hair extensions to look like a real natural hair

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Find a perfect match to your hair color

It’s an easy rule of logic into it. If you aim for your extensions to seem like your own then you'll need to search out the hair tone that closely matches your own. though have to {be compelled to} say a shade lighter or darker than your hair may also be a decent enough match however application can have to create it appear as if a high or lowlights.

Rule of thumb in searching for your right tone, use the ends of your hair as a gauge in searching for the correct shade.

Always choose 100% Remy human hair
Nothing appearance more natural than employing human hair for your hair extensions.

Not solely will it look like your own hair it's the most effective hair quality than artificial hair.

Except for trying natural you'll additionally fancy styling it they method you ordinarily do together with your own hair. It’d be desirable to settle on straight Raw Indian Hair Vendors extensions if you have got straight hair and likewise with kinky, or wavy hair.

Technique and correct application is vital
Remember the hair extensions malfunctions I used to be telling you earlier? This can be the most reason why it happens, they weren't properly put into your hair.

Totally different strategies have other ways to use and it may be done only by a skilled artificer.

Clip-in hair extensions on the opposite hand are Virgin Indian Hair Vendor one in every of the best to install. It may be tired of the comfort of your home. Simply follow step by step guide on YouTube to urge it done properly.

Style it, create it look your own
Cut and style the extensions once it's been put in to create it look like your own hair. This job may be best done by an expert hairstylist as they need to be been trained to the present.

Trust ME you'd look impeccably natural straight or Remy Indian Hair curly clip in hair extensions would look spontaneously natural if you place into use what you simply learned once reading this article.      


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