Summer Hair Care for Your Hair Extensions

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Getting hair extensions isn’t with reference to obtaining your hairdresser to put in a set of human hair to your real ones and find an incredible, fuller looking hair by the top of your salon session. getting extensions also demands commitment, significantly with semi-permanent ones like tape in extensions. Going for a retaping appointment each six to eight weeks, use of sulfate-free hair care products and a limited range of hair wash days are just a few of the items you'll have to be compelled to learn, especially if you’re new to wearing hair extensions. however once the summer heat kicks in, caring for your hair extensions will be a little further on your to-do list.

Luckily, all this trouble of getting dry or sticky hair extensions will be prevented by simply doing a little extra hair care tricks whereas enjoying the season! And yes, I’m talking about “STILL” taking a dip within the pool or beach.



Well, we tend to all know that Summer is after we get the foremost invitations to beat the summer heat by taking a dip at a pool party or in an out of city beach escapade. And you ought to ne'er miss out on this chance to seem hot and slay the party along with your hair extensions on, right? fortuitously, as a result of SGI hair extensions are product of 100% Remy human hair, you'll be able to treat them as if they were your natural hair.
The only issue that you just ought to be conscious regarding is that the bonds wont to get the hair extensions to stay on your head. this is often the most sensitive a part of your extensions, therefore requiring extra precaution. With this in mind, simply do the following:
Minimize your time within the water.
Wear a loose hanging bun whereas swimming. never wear a ponytail.
Rinse your hair immediately when soaking your hair within the pool/beach water as salt and chlorine will strip off the natural wetness removed from your hair extensions.
When the tapes become wet, it weakens the bonding reason why it’s forever best to not indulge an excessive amount of within the water. during this method, we will avoid tape extensions coming back off your pretty tresses.



You won’t want a lot of heat since the Summer season already got you covered. And with that, your hair is a lot of vulnerable because the heat will simply dry your hair. If you would like to travel for that beach waves, or bedhead look, opt for cold choices like doing the long sock roll method or use a Ponytail wire whereas your hair is wet and air dry it. you must simply opt for that casual and ethereal look this season.


Just like water, any liquid-like products will weaken the tape bonds once it gets in touch with it. products like day/night creams or moisturizers, body lotions or sunscreens shouldn’t be anywhere close to the tapes. simply wash away any excess lotion in hand when application and completely dry your hands before touching the hair.


Beach waves are excellent for this season’s look. rather than salt sprays, use curl enhancing conditioners that are sulfate-free on damp hair and pick a heat-free curling method like doing a suck bun overnight.


Well, not all ladies believe it however shampoo isn’t something one thing that you just ought to be using on a each day. Yes! You scan it right particularly if you have got hair extensions on. it's well to limit the use of shampoo up to 3 times during a week. And once you’re using conditioner, simply avoid reaching the roots of the hair. Conditioners contain powerful substances which may help loosen the tape bonds once carrying tape in extensions. Also, don't forget to go for sulfate-free hair extensions shampoo and conditioner.


Using the correct kind of brush will sure enough help prolong the life span of your hair extensions and also help keep it from tangling and shedding. Avoid the {normal|the traditional|the conventional} brushes designed for normal hair. Use a loop brush specifically designed for hair extensions.
So there you have got it! Following these easy tips should assist you get through summer with a flare. want more tips for your hair extensions? Email us at india@sgihair.com.


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