how the human hair extensions are sold?

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Normally the human hair is bought for making braids, hairpieces, extensions, and some custom wigs. It is because human hair is a strong commodity that is widespread usage. Learning about how to start the hair extension business especially for human weaving hair could be a good idea and it is one of the profitable businesses.

Selling the human weaving hair will be preferable for synthetic hair blending. As it will look more versatile and natural, it could be a heat-styled without causing any damage. If anyone wants to be a Raw Indian hair vendor or as an Indian hair wholesale suppliers there are some things that are to be known or considered before starting the business.

Have thorough research about your products

Try to learn about weaving hair and the different types of human hair that are available with its difference between each other will be helping you to serve the people easily. Also with this, you could become the best raw hair vendor.

It is also important to know the size of each hair extension. Like when someone wants to buy 16 inches of hair extension and you end up giving the 18 inches. Thus, always try to know the identification of each type of hair extension.

A person must have knowledge about the different types of hair extensions, braids, and wigs with its features so that they can able to advise the customer to buy it. Have knowledge and try to read about cosmetology and some hair care books, browse the internet about the hair-care forums to find more about the products you are planning to sell, and consult with the hairstylist who is a license about your plan.

Set a wholesale account

Make sure that you are setting up wholesale accounts with the manufacturers as well as the brands of human fairs, like Milky Way, saga or Bohyme. When you want to buy it at the lowest price, then you can try to get it from the wholesale virgin temple hair so that you can get it at fewer prices. Or you can even get it from the Raw Indian human hair exporters.


Sell the accessory supplies

Try to sell the items that are typically needed for the human weave hair, like hair razors, weaving needles, and bonding glue just to increase your profits. Most people will be buying these items, thus by selling these items, you can earn more money.

Provide some discounts for the repeated customers

Offer some discounts for the professionals from the salon and cosmetology students in order to gain a steady and repeated business. Thus, these customers or the clients could be valuable and you can able to have the discount offer easily when they are buying it continuously for the regular customer. The discount you are offering must be between 20 percent and 35 percent from the retail price, and it must be based on what is the standard in the area.


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