Can Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

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Do hair extensions damage hair” is one among the most asked queries at our consultations. The reality is, hair extensions don’t damage natural hair – however bad applications and poor aftercare do.

Properly applied hair extensions won’t harm your natural hair if you’re given and follow smart aftercare directions. At SGI Hair, we’ve put tons of your time into our aftercare advice, not as a result of our hair extensions are a lot of damaging or difficult to appear when than alternative types, however as a result of we wish to look when your natural hair. Years of experience and much of research have helped us work out a way to avoid the damage caused by hair extensions.

Duty of care

If hair extensions aren’t applied and cared for correctly, they'll do horrible damage to your natural hair and may even cause permanent hair loss. we expect extensionists have a obligation of care to look when your natural hair, not simply your hair extensions. It’s outrageous however there are irresponsible salons who build up a loyal clientele by damaged their client’s hair thus badly that they have hair extensions as a result of their hair looks thus awful without them


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