Basic tips on how to wash your hair extension effectively

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The hair extensions are one kind for altering the look of the hair, either by adding it or covering fully and these are available from most of the wholesale hair vendors in India some important types of hair extension are clip-in, weaves, etc. the clip-ins are the one that is too small in the hair section and held in the remaining hairs with the clips. The waves are the one with the head full of hairs that are sewn into a natural hair near the scalp, the last but not the least the keratin extension, these are the one that has a multiple hair strands of the keratin and are tipped hair are being glued and placed onto the natural hair near the roots.

Other than the clip-in, the hair extensions normally take a long time for applying and it could be costly while it is done professionally. As per the popular belief, it is easy to wash the hair extension without any damage and saves some time as well as money too. When you want to buy the best hair extension you can get it from any wholesale virgin hair vendors in India.

Washing the clip in hair extension

Before washing the hair extension try to remove the extension from your hair. One of the best advantages of the hair is they are temporary and thus it is easy for both removing and applying by oneself. Removing the hair extension will be easier. Always remember that you remove the clip-in extension before swimming or showering. It is because sometime the metals that are being used in the clips could be rusted or can cause damage.

The same as your natural hair try to detangle the hair extension that you bought from the raw virgin hair wholesale distributors. As the hair extension could be dried thus, it needs some extra care when there is any tangle. If in case you couldn’t remove any tangle with the help of extension dry. Then you can try it by wetting it with the detangling spray and you can try it again. And again if you feel the same then you can able to try it by wetting the hair fully and adding some conditioner before combing it.  

Washing the wavy hair extension

When you are buying the wavy hair extension from the raw virgin hair wholesale vendors, pre-treat your hair with some moisturizer, it is because the human hair extension is not moisturized oil that is produced by the scalp. They will tend to have faster dry. The dry hair that is with any kind of wills b every much difficult for washing and it could lead to breakage. Try to add a little bit for your weave before shampooing.

Always choose the right shampoo as there are more shampoos that are available in the market and these are specially made for the hair extension.  Some Indian hair factories in India will be providing the shampoos along with the hair extension.  But when you wanted to buy it outside make sure that you are finding out the best shampoo that suits your hair.


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