All you need to know more about tape-in hair extension

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Almost every girl wants to have a long and luscious hair. The adaptability of the long and smooth hair could make each and every girl like a queen.  Though most of the girls are not blessed with long and thick natural hair, with the god’s grace, there are various types of hair extensions that are available both offline as well as online like some wholesale raw hair vendorsAnd the Tape in hair extension is one kind that is famous among the raw Indian hair vendors. Do you want to know more about the tape-in hair extension? Here are some more details about this type of hair extension.

Basics of tape in hair extension

The tape-in hair extension will always be the best one for its comfort, undetectable, and versatility. They will not be heavy, and thus can able to help a person to improve their satisfaction with the body and the length of their hair.

The tape-in hair that is colored perfectly in order to match the hair, and contains a strip of some adhesive at the top. While the extensions are being placed on their hair, they can able to add volume, versatility, and length for your hair without causing any damage.

Almost all the tape-in extensions are made using 100% human virgin hairs, and this is one of the best types of hair extension among the Indian Hair Company. While taking care properly, these are the extensions that could last for a longer period this hair must be maintained properly for every 5 to 8 weeks and your hair extensions will be lasting forever.

How to wear the hair extension

When you are wearing the tape in hair extension it is simple. There are some hair stylists who will be helping you to assist or helping you to wear the hair extensions for giving you the best and a natural look.

They will be adding some fresh adhesive tape for your hair extension. This tape will be sticky on both sides thus, allows it to stick with the extension and the hair. The adhesive will be safe and free from the chemical. They will place the adhesive close to the root of the hair in such a way it is secured.

The lifespan of tape in hair extension

With some proper maintenances of your hair, you can able to keep it safe as well as for a long period of time. In addition to this, you must buy the hair extension from the best Indian hair vendors. It is very simple to take care of your hair extension. Thinking how? Here the hair extensions are the same as your natural hair, and thus, you can wash it, and treat it like your natural hair.

Just one must avoid the rough brushing where it can help you to increase an overall lifespan of the extension and they will give the lifelong guarantee.  You can even get suggestions from your hairstylists by providing some precautions and the treatments that can able to help your hair to be in good condition.


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